Oklahoma Landscapes

Paintings and Prints, 2016

Oklahoma Landscapes is a series of representational oil paintings and prints depicting the pastoral beauty of the Oklahoma landscape -- punctuated by horizontal drilling wells, salt disposal wells and other physical evidence of our oil and gas industry. It is a response to the induced seismicity that Oklahoma is experiencing. Oklahoma Landscapes answers and ask questions. It answers: what does this equipment that causing all the fuss look like? And, by being nestled so beautifully amidst the landscape, it asks, why is it so easy to not see these objects in the landscape?

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Mount Adams

Oil on Canvas, 2015

These paintings were created for an exhibit co-sponsored by the Columbia Art Center (hood River, OR) and the Forest Service in honor of the 50-year anniversary of the Federal Wilderness Act. I was selected to depict the Mt. Adams wilderness area.

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Grand Canyon

Paintings and Drawings, 2011-Present

These works explore the ways that the experience of looking at a place through the lens of a camera differs substantially from the experience of looking at a place optically. The works were started when I was the artist in residence at Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim).

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Study Drawings (Cambodia)

Pen and Watercolor on Paper, 2012

These are study drawings I made in anticipation of a February 2013 month-long trip to Cambodia. For me, drawing is good way to learn. None of these drawings are for sale – they simply represent part of my working process as an artist.

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A Project Space

Painting, video, performance 2012

This project is one of many painting-an-hour projects, like OSU 25, KAIR 2008, and 24/24: Mother Fools, whose purpose is to demystify art. Here, I painted a portrait an hour during two consecutive twelve-hour days from 12 noon to 12 midnight. The entire performance was time-lapse recorded. A sample of the video is available.

This painting performance was conducted at A Project Space in Seattle, Washington.

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America 101

Painting installation in 101 parts, 2008

America101 is an installtion consisting of 100 paintings -- two landscape paintings from each of the 50 United States -- and a billboard printed from a paintings of a disposable water bottle. This installation is related to Pink and Green: 36 Views of Kamiyama.

The artist physically visted all 50 states in about a year and a half to gather needed imagery for this project. She completed the painttings in her Seattle and Stillwater painting studios.

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24 Portraits: Kamiyama

Painting performance in Japan, 2008

24 Portraits: Kamiyama is a series of 24 portraits painted over the course of three consecutive days in Kamiyama, Japan. Kamiyama is a small town nestled in the mountains of rural Japan on the island of Shikoku. It is home to the KAIR< the Kamiyama Artist in Residency program. This 2008 project was associated with a symposium celebrating 10 years of the residency.

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Low Visibility

Photography from the road, 2008

Low visibility is a series of photographs that were taken during my extensive cross-country travels gathering images for America 101. For the America 101 paintings, I took photographs that I could paint from which were sharp, specific to each state, and generally colorful.

While I was driving, I often encountered rainstorms, fog, haziness and snowstorms, which made the view of the road and the surroundings very subtle and hard to distinguish. It was the opposite of the images I sought for America 101. But these atmospheric scenes were very beautiful and mysterious, and became some of my favorite photographs. I have collected the most evocative of these photos and titled them Low Visibility.

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OSU 25

Painting, video, performance, 2007

For OSU 25, I painted 25 volunteers over a three day period who had a connection with OSU, as my commemoration of Oklahoma’s centennial.

I solicited any one with any connection to OSU (current or former: students, staff members, faculty members, administrators). The volunteers consented to be video taped, and some footage from this had made it into ART 365: The Documentary (2008), a feature-length documentary about 6 Oklahoma Artists.

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Allegheny 16

Painting Performance in Allegheny, PA., 2007

Allegheny 16 is a series of 16 portraits painted over the course of two consecutive days at Allegheny College's Megahan Gallery, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The resultant exhibit was called Liz Roth: Live Portraits. The painting coincided with Allegheny's annual Eight Hour Projects show, in the adjoining gallery.

Each oil painted portrait was completed in an hour or less. Students, staff members, faculty and other members of the Allegheny College community participated as models.

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Mother Fools

Painting, video, performance, 2004

"Mother Fools: 24 Paintings In 24 Hours" celebrated 2004’s National TV Turn Off Week. Mother Fools, a Madison, WI coffee house/music venue/art gallery celebrated this event by keeping its doors open all day and all night for the duration of Turn Off Week.

For one 24 hour period of time during the week, I painted a portraits of any cafe patron who agreed to sit for one: the portraits took about an hour each to paint and the performance was time-lapse video taped.

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Pink and Green

A painting installation in Japan, 2003

The installation was a response to the Kamiyama Artist in Residency prompt: describe the contemporary relationship between Man and Nature. 36 intimate paintings of Kamiyama, Japan’s pristine landscape are paired with a mural of a Hello Kitty toy cell phone in a blister pack.

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Kamiyama Nature Pilgrimage

A participatory, outdoor, printmaking project in Japan, 2003

In Kamiyama I watched a buddhist pilgrim on a motorcycle nearly drive off a mountain in his haste to get to his temple-book stamped before close of day. So many of us pursue evidence of completion (a diploma, a photo in front of a landmark), that we forget to experience the process. Here I created stamps of fleeting moments only I experienced, and placed them in wooden structures throughout the woods. I invited people to complete a (provided) book with the stamps.

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Cheeseburger Soup

Etchings from "Cheeseburger Soup," an artist book

You can't choose your family, and for the most part, you can't choose your coworkers either. Who are these people with whom we spend more time with than members of our own family?

Cheeseburger Soup seeks to answer these questions about a group of Wisconsin Department of Transportation civil servants. The title refers to a regional dish served at the Wisconsin DOT cafeteria, and was chosen for the title because it seemed an unlikely collection of ingredients forced to function together.

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